About Jane

Jane Noel Goodman-Smith has an extensive background in fine art and graphics. As a professional artist Jane has worked in and directed Television Art Departments.

She is currently employed as CNN's North Carolina sketch artist.

Her other work includes:

  • Portraits

  • Logos

  • Sales Brochures

  • Courtroom Sketches

  • TV Guide Ads

  • Architectural Renderings

  • Furniture Renderings

  • Movie Cards

  • News Visuals

  • Business Cards

  • Awards and Plaque Design

  • Set Design

  • On-Air Scripting

  • Adult and Student Classes

  • Adult and Student Workshops
  • As a 4th grader, Jane began taking private art lessons with Mrs. Irene Poppe, a Classically trained, European Fine Artist, who fled from Poland with her family to America to escape the Hitler Regime.

    She escaped from Poland in 1939 bringing to art students in America the European, Classical Style of art instruction.

    Each child moved at their own pace and worked in their own areas of interest.

    Jane's grade school teachers noticed she had a flair for art as she excelled in class.

    Today, Jane teaches in the Apprenticeship Style that she learned as a child.

    Each child is shown how to develop sketching techniques that coordinate the eye and hand.

    Students obtain accurate perspective, shadowing and dimension.

    After the basics, every child works on something different, in their own field of interest.

    This propels the project to completion, ready to frame.

    Life In Illinois

    Jane completed a Graphics and Advertising program in college and moved with her husband to Champaign, Illinois.

    She was a member of the art department for WCIA Midwest Television.

    The are department consisted of 4 full-time artists and an in-house printer. Everyday each artist would have a different project on their desk, with a deadline of course.

    "The WCIA Art Department, 1978"

    Jane's weekly duties included:

  • Courtroom sketches

  • On-air promotions

  • TV Guide ads

  • Customized sales brochures

  • Set designs

  • Movie cards

  • Logos and fashion drawings

    Memories that stand out were designing the set for the Jerry Lewis Telethon that Morey Amsterdam of the Dick Van Dyke Show hosted.

    Jane also contracted with the Associated Press for national distribution of her courtroom sketches for a High Profile trial in Chicago.

    It wasn't always work, work, work.

    A once in a lifetime moment occurred when we were able to dine with Doc Severinsen then hear a great concert he gave.

    Before we left, we went backstage to share more stories.

    Back In North Carolina

    Upon returning to North Carolina in 1983, Jane was asked to direct the Art Department for WGGT, Channel 48.

    This newspaper clip showed the intense flames shooting out the 2nd story of Channel 48 as it burned on a cold winter night.

    This photo was of Jane's office in the art department.

    Even after the intense fire, there was only water damage to Jane's office.

    Interesting enough, the office next to the art studio was so hot that the wall mounted phone melted, and stretched to the floor like a burnt marshmellow.

    Jane Noel Goodman-Smith after moving back to North Carolina,was the Art Director for WGGT 48 and was contracted by WFMY Channel 2 to do their courtroom sketching.

    Jane made the decision to leave the television art world when the Smith family began to expand with their own children.

    Jane began sharing her artistic gift in the early 1990's by teaching children and adults how to draw.

    She enjoys experiencing her students' uniqueness in personality, while taking them down the art road as far as they wish to go.

    Some of her alumni have won National Competitions in Student Portraits and taken Design Positions in New York City and Italy.

    Jane has studied with these notable artists:

  • Linda Weaver
    Resident portrait artist in Reynolda Village

  • Basil Baylin
    New York native and member of the American Portrait Artists Society

  • Michael Boch
    Graduate of the Angel Academy of Arts in Italy

  • George Thompson
    New York Illustrator

  • Abbe Rose Cox
    Local Portrait Artist

  • Carolyn Blaylock
    Local landscape impressionist

  • Jonathan Hayes
    Industrial illustrator

  • Frank Rowland
    National impressionist with works in Chicago and New York Galleries

  • Ivan Sahba
    Native of Russia, a descendant of the original Zaporozhye Sech Cossacks, whose artistry flourished in Europe before relocating to the United States

    Jane continues to be a student, learning from her students everyday.

    Jane is a member of the National Broadcast Designer's Association and the Muddy River Art Association in the Piedmont Triad.

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