Supply Lists

Beginner's Supply List

(1) 14X17 Spiral Sketch Pad

(2) 2B Lead Pencils

(2) 6 or 8B Lead Pencils or Generals Shading Pencil

(1) Kneaded Eraser (Brand Name: Generals)

(1) Pink Pearl or White Mars Eraser

(1) Zip Pouch (to carry pencils and erasers)

(1) Pack of Stumps (about the size of a pencil)

Advanced Supply List

Supplies for both Acrylic and Oil


If the supplier is out of a particular size, go to the next larger size brush.

Recommended Brands: Robert Simmons, "Signet" series, Princton Series (at AC Moore or refer to online vendors at bottom of page)


Round #4

Bright #2 and #4

Flat #8 and #10

Filbert #6

1 inch Bright

Other Materials

Palette (wooden, plastic, or paper pad)

Paper Towels

Canvas (stretched or cardboard)

Palette Knife for mixing paints

Cloth or Plastic Brush Tote to protect brushes from bending

Supplies for Acrylic Painting

(Liquitex or best available brand)

Alizarine Crimson

Cadmium Red

Cobalt Blue (or Cyan)

Ultramarine Blue

Yellow Oxide

Cadmium Yellow



Supplies for Oil Painting

(Winsor Newton, Not Winton)

Cadmium Yellow Light

Yellow Ochre

Orange Light

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarine Crimson

Burnt Seinna (optional)

Burnt Umber (optional)

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Permanent Green Light

Hookers Green or Terre Verte Green (optional)

Dioxide Purple(optional)

1 Large Tube of Titanium White OR Flake White. Titanium White is warm and Flake White is cool.

Zink white (optional; transparent color)

Note: Lay out your palette colors in this order (warm to cool colors).


3 Stretch Canvas or Canvas Board 18 x 24 or 20 x 24

Odorless Turpenoid- 1 can, any size

Cold Press Linseed Oil

Galkyd Lite (or any quick-dry oil medium)

Palette Knife for mixing paints

Art Box, Tackle Box or Tote Bag for carrying paints

Palette paper (or a wooden palette)

Paper Towels

2 Clip-On Metal Cups to hold mediums

1 Mason Jar (found at Michaels)

FOR PAINTING AT HOME (not necessary for class)

Brush Cleaner and Preserver (round tan cake soap) or (Murhpy’s Oil Soap diluted in 1 part Murphy’s, 4 parts water)

Oil paint hand soap or “Lava” from grocery store

One Step Oil Brush Cleaner and Conditioner(optional but highly recommended for your brushes’ life)

Students need to make sure they have an easel, hand soap, brush cleaner, brush preserver along with the items on the supply list.



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