Developing The Artist In You

Jane finishing "Pilot Mountain"

Hi, I'm Jane. I bring to students of all ages the lost art of learning how to draw what you see through eye and hand coordination. Anyone can develop their skill with guidance and much repetition.

The foundation of any great finished piece of artwork is the original drawing or sketch that first hits the canvas. The quality and accuracy of this original sketch will control the end result of whatever is being painted.

Ten year-olds through Adults are developing and refining their skill as an artist through apprenticeship teaching in a Professional Daylight Studio. Students come for several reasons:

  • To supplement their classes in school

  • To cultivate and refine their hobby

  • To lay the groundwork for a career

  • To improve and finish pieces already started

    I demonstrate all phases in every project from its start to finish.

    I work with students on all levels...from Beginners to Advanced. For whatever reason a student comes, all work in their own area of interest.

    Learn "HOW" to Draw


  • Jane has over 30 years of experience in the field

  • A professional daylight studio

  • An extensive swipe file library

  • Professional easels

  • Lighting for still life and models
  • Work at your own pace in your area of interest

  • Instruction through demonstration

  • Emphasis on eye and hand coordination

  • Teaching technique in comparison drawing

  • All mediums available to try before buying

  • Noels Art

    Jane's Gallery
    Jane's Gallery features some of her best pieces in all mediums in all styles.
    About Jane
    About Jane is a brief biography reveiling how Jane practiced what she learned as a little girl and uses it with her students today.
    Learning How
    Learning How to draw is a process. It requires observation, demonstration and much repitition.
    Classes For Children
    Classes For Children take each child at the level they are at the moment and develop their skill to be a very good artist. Some seem to get it naturally and some have to work at it.
    Student Gallery
    The Student Gallery offers each student a place to display some of their finished pieces. It's a great yardstick for progress.
    Adult Gallery
    The Adult Gallery features artists from the Adult Class. These artists are advanced and prefer working in oil.
    Additional Classes Offered
    Supply Lists
    Supply List for Classes Offered
    Contact Jane
    Contact Jane
    Adult Art Lessons
    Art Lessons for Adults