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Jane Noel Goodman-Smith is an artist unlike any other with an extensive background in fine art and graphic design. Jane began cultivating her craft at the young age of ten resulting in a unique skill range with knowledge in all mediums.  


Jane's experience in the field consists of broadcast design, courtroom sketching, commissioned fine art, and nearly three decades as a full time independent art teacher in the Clemmons, NC community.  


She has been termed a flemish artist via her use of vivid colors and acute attention to detail.   



The History Behind the Art


As a 4th grader, Jane began taking private art lessons with Mrs. Irene Poppe; a Classically trained, European Fine Artist, who fled from Poland with her family to America to escape the Hitler Regime. 

Mrs. Irene Poppe escaped from Poland in 1939 and brought art to students in America via the European, Classical Style of art instruction.

Each child moved at their own pace and worked in their own areas of interest.

Today, Jane passes on the style of Apprenticeship teaching that she learned as a child with Mrs. Poppe.


Awards, Associations and Accomplishments

  • Currently CNN's North Carolina correspondent for courtroom art 

  • World wide art exposure via Associated Press

  • Member of the Broadcast Designers' Association

  • 1st Place Awards - Thomasville Women's Club Art Exhibit

  • 1st Place Portrait Award from Clemmmons' Art Exhibit-1993

  • Numerous Purple and Blue ribbons won by Jane's students at the Dixie Classic Fair   

Education & Employment



  • Noel's Art - Instructor

    • 1992-Present

  • CNN - NC Sketch Artist

    • 2012-Present

  • WFMY Channel 2, NC Courtroom Artist  

    • 1983-1992   

  • WGGT, Channel 48, NC - Art Department Director

    • 1983-1992  

  • WCIA Midwest Television, IL - Artist 

    • 1978-1983

  • Tobias, NC - Newspaper Fashion Artist

    • 1975-1977 ​

  • Hall Printing, NC - Paste-up artist & Collator

    • 1974-1975 ​

Employment Tasks:
   - Commissioned Fine Art
   - Courtroom Sketches

   - On-air Promotions

   - TV Guide Ads

   - Business Marketing Materials

   - Logos, Business Cards, Brochures​

   - Set Designs

   - Movie Cards

   - Fashion Drawings

Jane completed her degree in Graphic Arts and Advertising from GTCC and gained experience working in Television Art Departments from Illinois to North Carolina.  She worked her way to the top, gaining the title of Art Director.  Jane decided to begin her own journey as an art instructor and Noel's Art was born.

She began sharing her artistic gift in the early 1990's by teaching children and adults how to draw. 

She enjoys experiencing her students' uniqueness and personality, while taking them down the art road as far as they wish to go.

With three decades of experience in Apprenticeship teaching in her daylight studio, Jane is also currently employed as CNN's North Carolina sketch artist.

Always Learning

Continued Education

Ivan Sahba

Native of Russia, a descendant of the original Zaporozhye Sech Cossacks, whose artistry flourished in Europe before relocating to the United States

Basil Baylin

New York native and member of the American Portrait Artists Society

Michael Boch

Graduate of the Angel Academy of Arts in Italy

George Thompson

New York Illustrator

Abbe Rose Cox

Local Portrait Artist

Carolyn Blaylock

Local landscape impressionist 

Jonathan Hayes

Industrial illustrator

Frank Rowland

National impressionist with works in Chicago and New York Galleries

Linda Weaver

Portrait Artist

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